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Susannah Crossland

With over 15 years experience in communications and marketing, I’ve always focused on content – print and digital – and specialised in copywriting and editing across a wide range of projects, targeted at diverse audiences. 

My broad background means I’m familiar with the intricacies of messaging, language and tone of voice while having an acute awareness of content strategy and marketing more generally. 

Most recently, I’ve worked at The University of Manchester, creating publications, newsletters and digital campaigns to encourage students to join, as well as writing content to promote the University to the public and to maximise its brand reputation worldwide. 

Before that I worked in the charity sector, for Together for Short Lives. There I worked on public awareness campaigns and crafted messages for families, typically of a very sensitive and emotive nature, often from dry policy documents or jargon-filled medical information.

My specialist expertise lies in writing for charities and higher education, although my skills are highly transferable – whatever your organisational needs, my diverse experience can be applied to any sector or context. 

Find out more about my experience on LinkedIn.


About me

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